Staying at home packed lunch


I am more convinced, with every small change I make to incorporate healthier, more diverse foods into my diet, that the key is preparation.  There are tons of sites that extoll the virtues of meal planning, and I am striving to get there as many of you are also probably.  I am tackling one course at a time.  I want to have several go-to meals that are healthy and quick for the days I just don’t want to think any more then I have to.  For breakfast, I have the smoothies in a bag and breakfast sprinkles.  I am also making a big egg white vegetable packed frittata this weekend that I will share. I like to do that whenever I have a glut of vegetables hanging around – and also because protein for breakfast really works well for me.

Lunch can be tricker however – my herd of kids are still very much in the grilled cheese/pizza/bagel stage.  It does my mind and body no favors to carb load at lunch like those little people do.  So, my first pre-prepared meal for lunch is that kale salad I made yesterday.  I stole some of the easy lunch box containers I purchased for the twins preschool snacks, and packed it with baby kale, then sprinkled chopped peppers, finely shredded carrots and sliced shallots.  Hummus dressing into side compartment, along with hard boiled egg.  I have 3 days of lunches (or less if I am feeling generous and share with my sweet husband) and it took hardly no time at all.

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  • Angie

    Love your great open writing style and great tips! Keep them coming!!!