Summertime Tartine


We took a week “vacation” at my in-laws beautiful lake front house in northeastern PA.   I refer to vacation in quotes because honestly, someone needs to come up with a better name for being away from home with 3 kids under 4.  I’ve been on vacation – this most definitely was not one.  But the kids had a great time, and well, I got to make this lovely tartine.  A tartine is an open face sandwich – generally employed when bread supply is low and I want to resurrect memories of cute tartine’s we enjoyed in Paris on real vacations.

This creation was composed spontaneously from what we had laying and was served up as a brunch item – basically because the first chance we had to eat while managing the sweet savage beasts was 11am that day.  It is something that can be easily made in advance, shrunk down to a crostini size package for a cocktail party, kept larger and cut in half for a brunch party, and be composed quickly for one person or many.

Summertime Tartine


  • I will be vague about amounts, since this is something you can easily make for one, or for many.
  • pumpernickel bread- toasted
  • avocado
  • whipped cream cheese
  • lemon
  • fresh dill
  • tomatoes
  • smoked salmon
  • flaky salt like Maldon


  1. mash together equal amounts (just eyeball it - exact measurements not required) of avocado and whipped cream cheese - a fork works well for marrying the two together.
  2. squeeze fresh lemon and sprinkle some freshly chopped dill on that mixture. Add pinch of flaky salt, mix and taste - you want to just be able to taste the salt, so add a bit more if need be, and adjust lemon and dill to your liking.
  3. spread avocado-cream cheese on toasted pumpernickel.
  4. top with the nicest tomatoes you can get your hands on - off season, plum tomatoes are usually tastier then beefsteak. Sprinkle some salt on tomatoes.
  5. top with smoked salmon - enough to cover tomatoes in a single layer.
  6. squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon across the entire creation.

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